Sunday, February 1, 2009

Renaming files by modification date

I have been working on combining sets of photos that my brother and I shot on a recent vacation. Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted the two sets of photos to flow chronologically. We both had the clocks on our cameras set pretty close, so I thought I could get away with sorting files by modification dates and using touch to correct the timestamps on any files I modified. Unfortunately, photo viewers seem to only organize photos by name, so I was going to have to find a better way.

I went looking for a quick and easy script to rename all the files in a directory into some common scheme.
What I found was a one liner that I used to prepend the modification date onto the name of each file. The command looks like so...

find -type f -name "*jpg" -printf "mv \"%h/%f\" \"%h/%TY%Tm%Td-%TH%TM%TS-%f\"\n" | sh

I recommend initially leaving off the sh pipe at the end of the command. This way you can preview the file name changes and make sure you are getting the result you want. This yields a filename such as 20090201-220505.0000000000-foo.jpg. Leaving the original file name at the end of each file gets around the problem of having non-unique file names if there were multiple photos shot in the same second (definite possibility with a DSLR).

I didn't come up with this trick all on my own. I borrowed from this discussion and modified the command to fit my situation.

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