Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Howto get your windows boot option back after grub2/Squeeze nukes it!

I hate bootloaders, they either work fine, or they're a royal pain. And just when I was really starting to understand grub, they go ahead and release grub2. I mistakenly upgraded to grub2 on my desktop a while ago, and learned that grub2 has a tendency to forget about Windows. This was irritating, but not the end of the world, I just didn't use windows for almost a year.

More recently, Debian Squeeze didn't give me much of a choice about installing grub2, and promptly disappeared Windows on my notebook. This got me doing a little more digging to figure out why a "new and improved" version of grub would actually be less capable. Could this be some stallmanesque scheme to force me into the freedom orgy?

Nope, something far less insidious. Apparently there is now an extra package that grub2 requires to find operating systems besides linux. That package is os-prober. So if you've pwned your windows install like I did, just do an 'apt-get install os-prober', then run 'grub-update'. Your Windows option will magically reappear!

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