Friday, April 1, 2011

Multiple Ambient Temp sensors in the Dell R610

The Dell R610 servers we have report a status for three different "Ambient Temp" sensors.

tom@R610:~-> sudo ipmitool sdr type "Temperature" | grep -i ambien
Ambient Temp | 07h | ok | 10.1 | 22 degrees C
Ambient Temp | 08h | ok | 10.2 | 20 degrees C
Ambient Temp | 0Eh | ok | 7.1 | 25 degrees C

The three sensors appear to be the redundant PSUs (10.1 & 10.2), and the main chassis sensor (7.1). Doing some checking around, it appears that all our Dell boxes list the "main" ambient temp in category(?) 7.1, but the actual sensor address is not always 0Eh. Category 10.<1|2> seems to always refer to the PSUs on the 610s.

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